Madrid eases public land searching, through a new website

Madrid launches a new land-finder engine, ready to boost investment and employment. The new website “Portal de Suelo de la Comunidad de Madrid” was presented last July 24th. This tool brings together in a web page a lot of information about public land available in the region. Formerly, information was dispersed among different agencies of the regional administration. So, the web provides the investors a more agile and fast research, promoting the creation of business and employment.

Borja Sarasola, Head for the Environmental Policy in the Madrid region, said during the presentation, “With this tool, the Region of Madrid offers its land supply, in order to facilitate the implementation of projects for industrial, logistic and residential developments, promoting growth and job creation.”

The webpage includes, so far, 1.6 million sq. m., with 1.4 million sq. m. of constructions. Search options discriminate plots by extension, its planned use (residential, commercial, industrial), or if they are ready to sell, to rent or for administrative concession. In a second phase the web will incorporate the supply of land belonging to municipalities, substantially broadening the portfolio of locations and the type of land available.

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