Madrid will host a Google Campus from 2015

Google is going to settle a new Campus in Madrid to foster entrepreneurship. The multinational technology company was born in a garage and was developed by the combination of innovation and talent of its founders. Through this initiative, Google wants to create an appropriate environment for the promotion of start-ups, emulating its own growth process.

Madrid joins to a network of spaces designed by Goggle to boost new business, together with the campuses already working in Silicon Valley, London and Tel Aviv. The company also announced plans to open over the next year three more campuses in Warsaw (Poland), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Seoul (South Korea). Entrepreneurs installed in the campus will benefit from this global network through the Campus Exchange Program, which allows them to enrich their projects with new ideas and contacts.

According to the company, their campuses are centers where entrepreneurs can learn, connect and develop new ideas. They will also have access to mentors, lectures and workshops given by professionals from the community, experienced entrepreneurs and the employees of Google.

The center will be located in an area of Madrid which is undergoing a deep transformation, thanks to investments made to redevelop the environment of the Manzanares River in recent years. The company notes that its commitment is to build a “complete campus with all necessary services and infrastructure to promote entrepreneurship in Spain.”

Google says that the decision to open the Madrid Campus was taken because entrepreneurship is developing in a more intense way in Spain in recent years: “There is a community of promising entrepreneurs. We observed the growth of entrepreneurship in Spain and we hope to help in the strengthening and development of innovation in the country and in Europe”.

In order to give an example of the impact of this initiative, the company explained that the start-ups settled in its London campus reached revenues of over 43.4 million and created a total of 570 jobs in 2013.

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