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Vicente Lloret | Economic Analysis & Communications Manager




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ABOUT US: Invest in Madrid is a joint initiative on the part of the Government of Madrid and the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, which is rendering services as an investment promotion agency.

MISSION: Our mission is to attract foreign investment to the region of Madrid.

VISION: Our vision is to be the preferred partner between foreign companies and the public sector for investment promotion and the enhancement of the business climate.

OBJECTIVES: Attracting new foreign investment projects by promoting and supporting their process of setting up business in the region of Madrid. Consolidating, maintaining and further increasing the investment already made in this region. Facilitating strategic collaborations among foreign and local Madrid companies. Promoting Madrid’s image as an attractive location for investing.


·         Accuracyfairnessreliabilityconfidentiality;

·         Proactivity in the uptake of projects and customers;

·         Commitment to excellence and continuous improvement;

·         Public service with minimum cost to the taxpayer;

·         Commitment with the competitiveness of the business community in the Madrid Region;

·         Strive to boost the international image of the Madrid Region;